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Starting a business is a scary proposition, no matter how you slice it.  And starting a business alone is terrifying.  Everything is on your shoulders - from creating a product to creating a logo, finding your target market to weathering those slow first months - and sometimes years. 


I was lucky to have a ton of family support when I started Midnight Scentworks.  But not everyone is so lucky.  Some women are trying to start businesses in war-torn countries.  They are starting out on their own in extremely poor areas of the world.  We may be from disparate backgrounds but one thing is similar no matter where we are - we want to make a better life for our families.


I am proud to say that Midnight Scentworks is a staunch supporter of these women across the globe.  Studies have shown that female entrepreneurs are significantly less likely to have loans approved than their male counterparts, even though their default and delinquency rates are much lower.  In countries with underdeveloped banking systems, women are the least likely to receive assistance via business loans.  Rural and extremely low-income areas in underdeveloped countries are relying on microlending now more than ever. 


Gheorghina in Moldova and her sheep we helped purchase


In 2017, Midnight Scentworks lent over $1,800 to 77 women striking out on their own in countries across the globe.  And this is just the beginning.  To date, I've made 118 loans to hardworking women in industries such as retail, manufacturing, beauty, cosmetics, agriculture and tourism.  I'm proud to be able to assist these women in reaching their dreams, as you've assisted me in reaching mine.


I find the prospect of being able to make these loans to be a driving force for Midnight Scentworks at this time.  My personal goal is to reach out to as many of these heroes as I can throughout 2018.  Thank you for being a part of this energizing time! 


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  • I received my soaps today for my daughters bridal shower, OMG they are the best smelling soaps. The soaps were delivered in tight well packed box. I can’t wait to give them out to all our guest. I think I may keep some extras for myself and daughter. Thank you Michelle. You did a fabulous job….PS, thank you for answering all my emails in a timely matter and professional matter.

    Marie Brown on

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